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Liability Policy

Participants are required to "Understand and Agree" to policy prior to signing up for any Project.

Group Project Studio Texarkana, Owls Nest Flea Market L.L.C. does not endorse the over consumption of alcoholic beverages. The customer assumes all liability for themselves and their party guests if any form of negligence arises from the consumption of alcohol. Should the customer and/or his or her party guest(s) become ill and/or injured while under the influence of alcohol, the customer and/or his or her guest(s) assume all responsibility for any financial expenses including but not limited to medical bills, vehicle repairs, and all other damaged personal property. The customer waives all legal rights to pursue any form of legal action against Group Project Studio Texarkana, and its staff or against Owls Nest Flea Market L.L.C. for the reasons stated herein and against all claims, losses or damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines and costs (including attorney’s fees).